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more worksheet

More Comparison Worksheet

Draw more shapes in the space

Zero To Ninety Nine Addition Worksheets

Zero To Ninety Nine Addition Worksheets

Generate or customize our free zero to ninety n...

easter counting five

Easter Worksheet - Count to Five

Count the Easter baskets and then circle or col...

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number bonds 2 though 9 worksheet 1

Number Bonds Practice Worksheet 2

Practice number bonds for 2 through 9

  • 4,889
fractions worksheet

Fractions Worksheet

Look at the written fraction in each section an...

  • 2,058
find the sum worksheet shapes

Shapes Theme Addition Problems

Use the pictures to count and subtract and get ...

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simple number bonds worksheet

Number Bonds for Beginners - Worksheet Three

Complete the number bonds by filling in the mis...

  • 2,689
learn fractions worksheet

Learn Fractions Worksheet

Write the fraction in each box by counting the ...

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hard multiplication problems worksheet 9

Multiple Digit Multiplication Worksheet 9

4 digits multiplied by 3 digits problems

length measurement worksheet

Measurement Worksheet

Cut out and use the measurement bar to help col...

easy measurement height worksheet

Easy Measuring Worksheet - Height - Two of Two

Color to the correct height measurement

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graphing worksheet

Graphing Worksheet

Use the bar graph to determine how many of each...

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practice multiplication

Multiplication Practice Worksheet 4

20 multiplication problems to practice

more worksheet

Comparison Worksheet - Draw More

More worksheet - Draw more

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