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full and empty worksheets

Full and Empty Worksheets for Kids

This collection of free worksheets is dedicated to...

St. Patrick's Day Matching Worksheet

St. Patrick's Day Matching Worksheet

Draw a line from each picture to the name.

opposite words worksheet - fast/slow and quiet/loud

Opposite Words - Fast/Slow and Quiet/Loud

Kids look at the pictures and then write the oppos...

drawing opposites worksheets

Learning Opposites Worksheets - Draw the Opposite

This set of opposites worksheets is engaging for k...

animal above and below worksheet

Recognizing Animals that are Above and Below

This animal themed worksheet will helps kids recog...

opposite words worksheet - big/small and cold/hot

Opposite Words - Big/Small and Cold/Hot

This opposites worksheets asks kids to trace each ...

above below worksheet sports

Above and Below Worksheet - Sports Theme

This sport ball themed above and below worksheet i...

above below worksheet vehicles

Above and Below Worksheet - Vehicles Theme

This above and below worksheet asks kids to be abl...

animals above and below worksheet

Recognizing Animals that are Above and Below

Help kids practice their ability to recognize thin...

learn above and below worksheet

Learn Above and Below

This free worksheet will help kids practice their ...

above and below worksheets

Above and Below Worksheets

Kids will have fun while learning with this set of...

same size worksheets

Same Size Worksheets

Help kids learn sizes by practicing the concept of...