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same size worksheet

Thanksgiving Same Size Worksheet

Identify the turkeys, pilgrims, pumpkins and co...

same size worksheet

Ocean Same Size Worksheet

Identify the fish, crabs, jellyfish and starfis...

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same size worksheet

Halloween Same Size Worksheet

Identify the bats, pumpkins, monsters and cauld...

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same size worksheet

Fall Same Size Worksheet

Identify the acorns, leaves, apples and pumpkin...

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same size worksheet

Christmas Same Size Worksheet

Identify the presents, stockings, ornaments and...

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opposite words worksheets

Write Opposite Words Worksheets

Kids will learn about opposites as well as prac...

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same size worksheet

Valentine's Day Same Size Worksheet

Identify the roses, hearts, teddy bears and can...

draw the opposite - day/night and sit/stand

Draw the Opposite - Day/Night and Sit/Stand

Draw the opposite of the sun and a someone sitt...

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draw the opposite - tall/short and full/empty

Draw the Opposite - Tall/Short and Full/Empty

Draw the opposite of an empty bucket and a tall...

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draw the opposite - stop/go and cold/hot

Draw the Opposite - Stop/Go and Cold/Hot

Draw the opposite of a stop light and something...

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