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opposite words worksheet - big/small and cold/hot

Opposite Words - Big/Small and Cold/Hot

This opposites worksheets asks kids to trace ea...

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between worksheets

Between Worksheets

Help kids learn about the concept of between wi...

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above below worksheet animals

Above and Below Worksheet - Animals Theme

Follow the simple instructions in this free wor...

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above below worksheet sports

Above and Below Worksheet - Sports Theme

This sport ball themed above and below workshee...

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above below worksheet vehicles

Above and Below Worksheet - Vehicles Theme

This above and below worksheet asks kids to be ...

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same size worksheet

Dinosaur Same Size Worksheet

Identify the different dinosaurs that are the s...

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preschool size worksheets

Preschool Size Worksheets

This collection of preschool curriculum workshe...

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same size worksheets

Same Size Worksheets

Help kids learn sizes by practicing the concept...

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same size worksheet

Fall Same Size Worksheet

Identify the acorns, leaves, apples and pumpkin...

same size worksheet

Easter Same Size Worksheet

Identify the baskets, bunnies, candies and chic...

same size worksheet

Winter Same Size Worksheet

Identify the mittens, snowflakes, hats and snow...

same size worksheet

Halloween Same Size Worksheet

Identify the bats, pumpkins, monsters and cauld...

same size worksheet

Patriotic Same Size Worksheet

Identify the stars, flags, burgers and BBQs tha...

same size worksheet

Spring Same Size Worksheet

Identify the flowers, birds, ladybugs and butte...

same size worksheet

Fruit Same Size Worksheet

Identify the apples, grapes, strawberries and w...