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first grade adjective worksheets

First Grade Adjective Worksheets

This printable set of adjective worksheets is grea...

categorize proper nouns

Categorize Nouns Worksheet

Look at each of the nouns in the work bank and the...

draw the verbs worksheet

Draw the Verbs Worksheet 1

Read the words below each box and draw the verb

1st grade nouns in sentences worksheet

Complete the Sentences Worksheet 2

Identify the nouns in the word bank and then compl...

making compound nouns worksheet

Compound Nouns Factory Worksheet 1

Match the words to create compound nouns.

second grade adjective worksheets

Second Grade Adjective Worksheets

Check out this set of second grade adjective works...

3rd grade adjectives worksheets

Third Grade Adjective Worksheets

Help teach kids about adjectives with this set of ...

articles worksheet

Articles Worksheet - a, an or the

Circle the correct article to complete each of the...

verbs worksheet

Identify Nouns and Verbs Worksheet

Identify the nouns and verbs in this worksheet. Co...

making compound nouns worksheet

Compound Nouns Factory Worksheet 2

Look at the pictures and name the compound noun.

possessive nouns worksheet

Possessives Nouns Worksheet

Place an apostrophe properly in each of the senten...

fill in blanks linking verbs worksheet

Linking Verbs Worksheet

Complete each of the sentences using one of the li...

3rd grade color the adjectives worksheet

Color the Adjectives Worksheet

Identify the adjectives along with the nouns and v...

find the verbs worksheet

Find the Verbs Worksheet

Find the verbs in each of the sentences