This Gumball Craft is a fun and easy way for your child to learn the sound of G. Kids love seeing their letters made into objects! This is a fun, colorful way for them to learn recognition and the sound of the letter G. This craft is for all ages.

What you'll need:

How to make your gumball machine craft:
  1. Print out the letter G and gumball machine templates.
  2. Trace them on construction paper and cut out.
  3. Use the black marker to outline all of the pieces.
  4. Glue all of the pieces to the white construction paper.
  5. Dab glue all around the letter G and add the colored pom poms.
  6. Use the black marker and draw a half circle at the bottom of the machine. Glue a pom pom to look like the gum is coming out.
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