This octopus is a fantastic preschool craft. With simple instructions and fun materials he is sure to capture your child's interest. Our toddler daughter loves to play with my bucket of pony beads, and this was the perfect craft to use them in. In fact, placing the beads on the octopus craft is a great way to exercise your child's fine motor skills. It would also be a great time to have them follow a pattern with all the different colors. The end result is an adorable ocean animal craft that your child will love!

**Please supervise your children at all times when using small beads to ensure their safety.**

What you'll need:

  • Purple craft foam
  • Two googly eyes
  • Octopus template
  • Small piece of red yarn
  • Pony beads (small circular beads with a hold in the center)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
How to make your kids octopus craft:
  • Print out our Octopus template. Cut out the template and trace it onto a piece of purple craft foam. Cut out your foam octopus.
  • Glue the two googly eyes onto the octopus. Glue the red yarn onto the octopus so that it's smiling.
  • Glue a few pony beads onto each leg of the octopus. (**Tip: the best way to have small children do this is to squeeze a puddle of glue onto a paper plate or scrap piece of craft foam and then let them dip the bottom of each bead into the glue before placing on the octopus.)
kids octopus craft