Children will adore the Corduroy teddy bear they create in the Corduroy Button Croquet craft. After reading the story of Corduroy by Don Freeman, children will be delighted to decorate a Corduroy of their very own. Afterwards, they will be able to use their special friend to slide buttons through hoops in the fun finger version of croquet!

What you'll need:

How to make your game:
  • Print out the Corduroy Button Croquet template and color it to look like Corduroy. Cut out the two circles indicated on the template. (see photos)
  • Glue two buttons to the straps of Corduroy's overalls. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  • Cut out ten different colored, thick strips of cardstock. Fold over the two edges to form a bridge and write a number from one to ten on the side of each folded bridge. (see photos)
  • You are ready to play Corduroy Button Croquet. Gather another player and his or her bear. To play the game, give each person a different colored button. Set up the bridges a few feet apart on the floor from number one to number ten. (see photos)
  • Decide who will go first. The first person places the button on the floor and sticks his or her fingers through the two holes in the bear. Slide the button towards bridge number one. The other player takes a turn. If a player successfully makes it through the first bridge, he or she can continue to bridge two. Play continues until all players have successfully slid their buttons through bridges one through ten. The winner is the first person to do so! While playing, if one player hits another player's button, the button must remain where it slides to.
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