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Our tissue paper wreath craft is a fantastic project to do with your children and it is a great homemade decoration!  As our daughter is a very very active toddler (with a toddler sized attention span) we went through a few different versions of this craft before coming up with the one listed below, so we know this craft is suitable for younger children.  Our daughter had a lot of fun playing with the tissue paper and especially "painting" with the glue.  Enjoy!
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What You'll Need


Trace the paper plate onto a piece of poster board. Position our small circle template inside this outline and trace around it. Cut out the circles so that you are left with a ring.


Tie the string around ring so that you will be able to hang it up later.


Cut green tissue paper into strips that are 1-2 inches wide and about 6 inches long. Crumple them up. (Note: we tried doing this with smaller squares and it takes forever to make enough pieces to cover the whole circle. Our daughter lost interest before we got halfway around and it was hard for her little hands to crumple the small squares. This method using strips was much easier for her to do. She had a lot of fun and it allowed the craft to go quick enough to hold her attention!).


"Paint" the poster board ring with glue so that it is evenly spread and then place the crumpled tissue paper on to cover the poster board.


Tear off small pieces of red tissue paper and crumple them tightly. Glue randomly around the wreath.


Trace our bow template onto a piece of poster board and cut it out. Cut out strips of red tissue paper and crumple as above.Tear off a small piece of white tissue paper and crumple it tightly into a ball. Cover the bow piece with glue and add the red tissue paper with the white ball in the center of the bow.


Glue your finished bow onto the bottom of the wreath.