Teach children of all ages the importance of Stop, Drop, and Roll with the Stop, Drop, and Roll Tumbler Toy. This cute toy will provide a fun and memorable approach to fire safety. Make your own toy from felt, colored cardstock, markers, and a marble. Once complete, have your children practice Stop, Drop, and Roll alongside their tumbler toys!

What you'll need:

How to make your stop, drop and roll craft:
  1. Print the Stop, Drop, and Roll Tumbler Toy Craft template onto white cardstock and cut out. Trace the body and circle shape two times onto felt and cut out. (see photos)
  2. Trace the head shape onto the skin-colored paper and cut out. (see photos)
  3. Using scissors, cut out two hands and two feet from the skin colored cardstock. Glue the hands and the feet to one of the pieces of felt. Place glue along the edge of the body shape and place the other felt body piece on top. Make sure that you do NOT glue the neck area of the felt body. (see photos)
  4. Draw a face in the center of the head shape. Place glue on the edge of the head shape and roll it into a circle. Press down until the glue is secure. Allow it to dry. (see photos)
  5. Take one of the circular felt shapes and glue it to the bottom of the head. Let the glue. Place the marble inside (make sure the glue is dry, otherwise the marble will stick to the glue and the toy won't work!) and glue the other felt circle on top of the head. Allow time for it to dry. (see photos)
  6. Place glue on the neck section of the felt body. Insert the head into the felt body and make sure it is secure. Allow the glue to dry. (see photos)
  7. Tie the piece of ribbon or string around the body of the toy. (see photos)
  8. Start practicing Stop, Drop, and Roll with your toy! To make your toy tumble, place the toy in a sitting position (folded at the waist) position on an inclined plane. The head should naturally fall forward and allow the toy to tumble. If you have trouble, make the incline plane steeper or make the surface more rough (i.e. sandpaper or carpet).
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