Teachers, children's librarians, and moms will love the Stop, Drop, and Roll Bowling craft almost as much as their children and students! This fun craft reminds children of one of the important rules of fire safety while allowing them to bowl. Made from recycled water bottles, tissue paper, and glue, these fun fire-themed bowling pins are sure to drop as kids start to roll!

What you'll need:

  • 10 clear water bottles (at least 16.9 oz.)
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush
  • Red, yellow, and orange tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Paper plate
  • Golf Ball
  • Blue permanent marker
How to make your Smokey the Bear finger puppet:
  1. Cut out triangles from the orange, yellow, and red tissue paper. (see photos)
  2. Squirt some glue onto the paper plate. Brush a layer of glue onto the water bottle. Cover the glue with triangles of tissue paper, making sure that they overlap. Once you have finished, make sure there are no loose edges or corners. Using the paintbrush and glue, brush a layer of glue over the top of the tissue paper. Set aside and allow the glue to dry. Repeat this process for the other nine water bottles. (see photos)
  3. Using the blue permanent marker, draw water droplets on the golf ball. (see photos)
  4. Once your bowling pins are dry, you are ready to help put the fire out.
  5. To play, gather at least one other friend, your bowling pins, and ball. Explain to young children that if they were to ever catch on fire, they should "Stop, Drop, and Roll." Explain that they are going to help put out the fire (knocking down the pins) by rolling the ball. Find a flat surface to place your pins on. Line four up in a row. Line three up in a row in front of the four pins. Line two pins up in a row in front, and finally, place the final pin in front of the row of two pins. You should have a triangle formation. Decide who will go first and have that person roll the ball twice, without resetting the pins. Count up the number of pins knocked down and that is the person's score. Unlike real bowling, if the person knocks down all the pins in the first roll, add ten points. If the person knocks down all of the pins in two rolls, add five points. Otherwise, just count up the number of pins knocked down and that is the person's score. Continue playing for as long as time will permit or for ten rounds. The highest score at the end wins!
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