This cute elephant craft is made from different sized hearts and a trunk for kids to piece together. Just use the template to cut out your elephant pieces and have your child glue together this cute elephant valentine. Once the basic elephant craft is done you can add some googly eyes and write a cute message like "You're Unforgettable" and personalize it however you would like.

What you'll need:

How to make your elephant valentine
  1. Print the elephant template and cut it out. Trace pieces 1 and 2 onto your purple paper. Then trace pieces 3 onto pink paper. Cut all pieces out.
  2. Grab your 2 large heart pieces and put a dab of glue on the point of each heart.
  3. Then put those 2 hearts on the back of the heart with the trunk as shown in the picture.
  4. Lastly glue your 3 pink hearts on the ears and the tip of the trunk and glue on the googly eyes. You can also write a something on the trunk like "you're unforgettable". And as simple as that you have an elephant valentine!
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