This collection of contractions worksheets will help kids learn about contractions and how to recognize them, create them and undo them. These worksheets will get kids to practice making and undoing contractions and provide some simple guidance like "A contraction is a way to put two words together. Some letters will be left out and an apostrophe will replace them." We have several different worksheets to choose from and they range in difficulty. Click on any of the image below to view and print your copy of any of these contractions worksheets.

contraction matching worksheet

Contraction Matching Worksheet

Contraction matching worksheet - connect the words to the contractions

contraction worksheet

Contractions Worksheet

This worksheet will help kids learn to create and undo contractions.

learning contractions worksheet

Learning Contractions Worksheet

Help kids learn contractions by building and undoing them.

making contraction worksheet

Making Contractions Worksheet

Practice making common contractions from the words.

matching contractions worksheet

Matching Contractions

Draw a line to connect the contractions on one side of the page to the words on the other.

undo contraction worksheet

Undo Contractions Worksheet

Practice undoing contractions by turn them back into the individual words.