Kids will have fun while learning with our collection of sight word worksheets. We have a variety of different printable worksheets that will help kids to recognize over 50 different sight words. These sight word activity pages are perfect to help start teaching children to read by recognizing these basic words. Just click on one of the sections below to view and print your sight word worksheets.

sight word activities

Kids are challenged to recognize sight words inside sentences in this set of printable worksheets. Each worksheet is geared towards four different sight words and kids have to practice their ability to recognize each and circle them.

sight word recognition worksheets

Kids will have fun with the group of sight word recognition worksheets. These printables are word search puzzles that contain only sight words for kids to recognize, find and circle.

teaching sight words worksheets

This set of printable sight word worksheets focuses on two sight words on each worksheet. There is a section that has kids write each sight word on the line provided and another section that asks kids to find and circle the specific sight words.