Check out our collection of consonant blend worksheets for kids. Help kids learn the basics of consonant blends with these different sets of printable worksheets. We have a variety to choose from and they include activities like looking at a picture and choosing the correct consonant blend, matching pictures to consonant blends, writing the correct consonant blend to complete a word and more. These worksheets make a great addition to any consonant blends lesson plans.

beginning consonant blends worksheets

Beginning Consonant Blends Worksheets

Check out this set of beginning consonant blend worksheets which asks kids to look at each of the pictures and then to write the beginning consonant blend on the line provided.

consonant blends word searches

Consonant Blends Word Searches

Children love to do word searches! That why we created these consonant blend related word searches which will help reinforce learning of the different consonant blends.

identify consonant blends worksheets

Identify Consonant Blends Worksheets

This set of consonant blend worksheets asks kids to look at each of the pictures on the worksheet and to circle the correct consonant blend that begins the word.

matching consonant blends worksheets

Matching Consonant Blends Worksheets

This set of printable consonant blends worksheets is geared towards teaching kids to be able to match beginning blends with the correct pictures of different things.