Take a look at our collection of ending consonants worksheets for kids below. We have a variety of different worksheets designed to help kids learn recognition of different consonant sounds at the end of words. We have some worksheets that ask children to fill in the missing consonant at the end of words, some that ask kids to match letters with pictures of words and more. Make sure to also check out the rest of our phonics worksheets.

ending consonant sounds worksheets

Ending Consonant Sounds Worksheets

Check out this set of ending consonant sounds worksheets that asks kids to look at each picture and circle the letter that is the ending sound.

ending consonant worksheets

Fill in the Ending Consonants Worksheets

This group of ending consonants worksheets asks kids to look at each picture and fill in the missing consonant at the end of each word. These free ending consonant worksheets are perfect to add to your phonics lesson plan.

ending consonant matching worksheets

Matching Ending Consonants Worksheets

This set of printable ending consonants worksheets helps kids practice their recognition of consonants by asking them to draw a line from each consonant to the picture that ends with that consonant sound.

same consonants worksheets

Same Consonants Worksheets

This collection of consonants worksheets helps kids learn by being able to identify pictures of things that end with the same consonant sounds.