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consonant v worksheet

Beginning Consonants Letter V Worksheet

Circle all the words that begin the with consonant...

counting money worksheet one

Counting Money Worksheet - One of Four

Add up the value of the coins and match to the cor...

animals graphing worksheet

Graphing Worksheet with Animals Theme

Review the graph of the farm animals and use it to...

Matching Fractions Worksheet 1

Matching Fractions Worksheet 1

Match the fraction models with the written fractio...

Simple Fraction Subtraction Worksheet 3

Simple Fraction Subtraction Worksheet 3

A slightly more involved, but still simple, fracti...

addition worksheet 1

Subtraction Word Problems Worksheet

Use simple subtraction to solve the 5 word problem...

subtraction worksheet two

Subtraction Practice Worksheet 2

20 mixed subtraction problems

long i word rainbows worksheet

Long i Word Rainbows Worksheet

Write each of the long i words multiple times in d...

capitalize proper nouns

Capitalize Proper Nouns Worksheet

Rewrite each sentence and identify each of the pro...

toys graphing worksheet

Bar Graph Worksheet with Toys Theme

Look at the bar graph of toys and write the correc...

consonant l worksheet

Beginning Consonants Letter L Worksheet

Circle all the words that begin the with consonant...

compare fractions worksheet

Compare Fractions Worksheet

Each section contains two fractions and kids are a...