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Writing Number Twelve 12

Practice Writing the Number Twelve

Practice writing the number 12 and the word twelve...

Learning Number 1

Number One Worksheet

Trace the word one, write on your own, then circle...

complete the patterns

Complete the Patterns - Worksheet #3

Draw the two shapes that come next to complete eac...

count to 50 worksheet

Count to 50

Fill in the missing numbers from 1 to 50

preschool patterns

Easy Preschool Patterns Worksheet #3

Complete each of the three patterns

Writing Number Eighteen 18

Practice Writing the Number Eighteen

Practice writing the number 18 and the word eighte...

story sequence worksheet

Story Sequence Worksheet

Look at the pictures in each section of this story...

black and white same shape worksheet

Same Shape Worksheet - Black and White

Black and white, shape themed same worksheet

tall and short worksheet

Tall and Short Worksheet

Kids are asked to determine which objects are tall...

oval worksheet

Oval Worksheet

Trace the ovals, draw some on your own, then color...

more less worksheet

More and Less Comparison - Worksheet One

More or less comparison worksheet