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spelling -an words worksheet

Spelling -an Words - Spelling Worksheets

Practice spelling the words with the "an" sound...

Printable May Calendar

Printable May Calendar

Fill in the dates for May of this year.

about me cursive writing practice worksheet

Trace the Letter M Words

Trace the words man, mop, mouse and mustache.

sight words we can

Sight Words Worksheet - We and Can

Write the words "we" and "can" and then circle ...

Trace, Cut and Paste Letter M Worksheet

Trace, Cut and Paste Letter M Worksheet

Trace the letter M's, then cut and paste the ma...

ABC Order -an Words worksheet

ABC Order -an Words

Put each of the -an words in ABC order in this ...

Unscramble -an Words worksheet

Unscramble -an Words

Help kids practice their spelling skills by uns...

-an Words Search worksheet

-an Words Search

Search and find each of the -an words in this s...

Letter M Worksheets

Letter M Worksheets

All of our worksheets for the letter M.

word recognition worksheet people

People Names Recognition Worksheet

Draw a line to match the words with the differe...

sight word activities did, that, one, can

Sight Words Activity Worksheet - Did, That, One and Can

Find and circle the sight words did, that, one ...

Complete the Sentences with -an Words worksheet

Complete the Sentences with -an Words

Complete each of the sentences by filling in th...

Say, Trace and Write -an Words worksheet

Say, Trace and Write -an Words

Say, trace and then write each of the -an words...

rhyming worksheet 1

Rhyming Worksheet - Set 3 : Worksheet 1 of 4

Read each of the words and draw a line to conne...