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skip counting worksheets

Skip Counting Worksheets

This group of free skip counting worksheets wil...

colors matching worksheet

Printable Colors Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match each of the objects with i...

short vowel matching worksheets

Short Vowel Matching Worksheets

This set of short vowel worksheets is designed ...

Matching Fractions Worksheet 1

Matching Fractions Worksheet 1

Match the fraction models with the written frac...

number worksheets

Number Worksheets

This collection of printable preschool math wor...

match consonant sounds worksheet three

Matching Consonant Sounds - Worksheet Three

Match the picture of the bat, lamb, fox and fro...

match consonant sounds worksheet one

Matching Consonant Sounds - Worksheet One

Match the picture of the key, dog, book and car...

match consonant sounds worksheet two

Matching Consonant Sounds - Worksheet Two

Match the picture of the fan, bus, hat and lamp...

match consonant sounds worksheet four

Matching Consonant Sounds - Worksheet Four

Match the picture of the pig, box, jar and lion...

addition worksheets without carrying

Addition Worksheets - Without Carrying

This set of printable addition worksheets for k...

four digit addition worksheet

4 Digit Addition Worksheet

20 four digit addition problems