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traceable shapes

Traceable Shapes Pages for Kids

This set of traceable shapes pages is perfect for ...

kids colors and shapes

Teaching Colors and Shapes to Kids

Follow the directions and color the shapes the rig...

2 dimensional shapes worksheets

2 Dimensional Shapes Worksheets

Check out our collection of 2D shapes worksheets f...

3 dimensional shapes worksheets

3 Dimensional Shapes Worksheets

Check out our collection of 3D shapes worksheets f...

shape matching worksheets

Shape Matching Worksheets

check out these printable shape matching worksheet...

shapes worksheets

Teach Children Shapes - Preschool Worksheets

Help kids learn their basic shapes with this colle...

shapes and colors worksheets

Shape and Colors Worksheets

These worksheets are perfect for kids to practice ...

shapes worksheets

Preschool Shapes Worksheets

This collection of free worksheets will help you t...

shape matching worksheet

Shape Matching Worksheet 1

Draw a line to match each of the shapes on one sid...

cutting curved lines

Cut out the Shapes Worksheet

Cut out the different shapes.

cutting curved lines

Cutting Shapes Worksheet

Work on scissors skills by cutting out the differe...

square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Trace the squares, draw some on your own, then col...

Free Triangle Worksheet

Triangle Worksheet

Trace triangles, then draw some on your own. Then...

Free Circle Worksheet

Circle Worksheet

Trace circles, then draw some on your own. Then c...