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Sight Words Word Scramble - Went, Have, Good, Must, This and People

Sight Words Word Scramble - Went, Have, Good, Must, This and People

Unscramble the sight words went, have, good, must,...

hard long division worksheet

Hard Long Division Worksheet

4 hard long division problems for kids to practice

cutting lines worksheet

Scissor Skills - Practice Cutting Lines

This worksheet will help kids practice cutting str...

reading a graph worksheets

Reading a Graph Worksheets

This set of graphing worksheets asks kids to look ...

valentines day worksheet counting twelve

Valentine's Day Worksheet - Counting Twelve

Count the number of cupids and the circle the corr...

valentines day worksheet counting eighteen

Valentine's Day Worksheet - Counting Eighteen

Count the number of Valentines on the page and cir...

valentines day worksheet counting sixteen

Valentine's Day Worksheet - Counting Sixteen

Count the number of candies and then circle the co...

Mother’s Day Worksheet

Mother’s Day Worksheet

Draw a picture of mom and write why she is awesome...

Father’s Day Worksheet

Father’s Day Worksheet

Draw a picture of dad and write why he is awesome ...

what number comes next worksheet

Skip Counting Worksheet - What Number Comes Next?

Practice skip counting by figuring out what number...