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coin names worksheet

Money Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and paste the coins in the right spots.

learning money worksheet 1

Money Cut and Paste Worksheet

Cut and paste the money to match the prices of ...

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learning money worksheet 1

Cut and Paste Money Worksheet

Cut out the money, then use it to answer the qu...

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coin names worksheet

Cut and Paste Coins Worksheet

Cut and paste the coin pictures to match their ...

counting money worksheets

Counting Money Worksheets

Each of the worksheets in this group ask kids t...

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coin names worksheet

Coin Matching Worksheet

Match each coin with its name and value.

coins worksheet

Coins Worksheet

Match each coin to its value

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money matching worksheets

Money Matching Worksheets

This collection of money worksheets has kids ma...

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piggy bank worksheet

Piggy Bank Money Worksheet

How much money does each person have in their p...

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count money worksheet

Count Money Worksheet

Match the price tags with the correct amounts o...

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coin names worksheet

Money Worksheet - Coin Names

Match each coin with its name

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coin names worksheet

Dollars and Coins Addition Worksheet

Add the coins and bills to come up with the cor...

coin names worksheet

Coin Amount Matching Worksheet

How many of each coin make a dollar?