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warm and cool colors worksheet

Warm and Cool Colors Worksheet

Identify colors and their "temperature" in this...

reading comprehension worksheets

Read and Color Worksheets

Follow the instructions under each picture to k...

shapes and colors worksheets

Shape and Colors Worksheets

These worksheets are perfect for kids to practi...

primary and secondary colors worksheet

Primary and Secondary Colors Worksheet

Learn about the primary and secondary colors.

color matching worksheets

Matching Colors Worksheets

This collection of color worksheets has kids ma...

colors matching worksheet

Printable Colors Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match each of the objects with i...

preschool colors sheet

Printable Colors Worksheet - Matching Colors

Draw a line to match each of the objects with i...

Learn Brown

Learn the Color Brown

Draw something that is brown and then trace and...

Learn Orange

Learn the Color Orange

Draw something that is orange and then trace an...

Learn Green

Learn the Color Green

Draw something that is green and then trace and...

Learn Blue

Learn the Color Blue

Draw something that is blue and then trace and ...

Learn Purple

Learn the Color Purple

Draw something that is purple and then trace an...

Learn Yellow

Learn the Color Yellow

Draw something that is yellow and then trace an...

Learn Red

Learn the Color Red

Draw something that is red and then trace and w...