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Circle the Mammals Worksheet

Circle the Mammals Worksheet

Trace the word “Mammal” and then circle the ani...

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Learn Pink

Learn the Color Pink

Draw something that is pink and then trace and ...

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Learn Purple

Learn the Color Purple

Draw something that is purple and then trace an...

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Learn Brown

Learn the Color Brown

Draw something that is brown and then trace and...

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about me cursive writing practice worksheet

Stars Writing Practice Worksheet

Write a little bit about stars.

Learn Blue

Learn the Color Blue

Draw something that is blue and then trace and ...

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Learn Yellow

Learn the Color Yellow

Draw something that is yellow and then trace an...

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bar graph worksheet colors

Ocean Themed Bar Graph Worksheet

Use the bar graph to answer the questions about...

What Animal is it?  Whale Worksheet

What Animal is it? Whale Worksheet

Use the hints to guess what animal it is and th...

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greater than less than picture comparison worksheet

Fruit Greater, Less Than Coloring Worksheet

Follow the instructions and color the apples, s...