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summer counting worksheet

Summer Counting Worksheet

Read the directions and circle the correct numb...

  • 96,966
pets counting worksheet

Pets counting practice worksheet

Count the pets - numbers 1 - 5

  • 18,519
fruit counting worksheet

Fruit counting practice worksheet

Counting practice numbers 6 - 10

  • 15,328
Rainbow Counting Worksheet (Four)

Rainbow Counting Worksheet (Four)

Count the rainbows and circle the correct numbe...

  • 6,068
Leprechaun Counting Worksheet (Six)

Leprechaun Counting Worksheet (Six)

Count the leprechauns and circle the correct nu...

  • 6,274
counting by tens worksheet

Cross Country Counting Worksheet

Count along the number line to see where the va...

  • 1,357