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summer worksheet counting fourteen

Count the Shorts

Count the pairs of shorts and circle the correc...

summer worksheet counting seventeen

Count the Fans

Count the fans and circle the correct number.

summer worksheet counting eleven

Count the Suns

Count the suns and circle the correct number.

summer worksheet counting six

Count the Beach Balls

Count the beach balls and circle the correct nu...

summer worksheet counting five

Count the Sunflowers

Count the sunflowers and circle the correct num...

summer worksheet counting two

Count the Pools

Count the pools and circle the correct number.

color the patterns worksheets

Color the Patterns Worksheets

Follow the instruction and color in the images ...

complete the patterns worksheets

Complete the Patterns Worksheets

Compete each of the patterns in these free work...

ordinal numbers worksheet

Identify the Ordinal Numbers

Kids are asked to circle and underline the appr...