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polygon worksheet

Polygons Worksheet 2

Learn about different types of polygons by matc...

division practice worksheet 2

Division Practice Worksheet 2

9 division problems for kids to practice

long division worksheet 2

Long Division Worksheet 2

8 long division problems for kids to practice

single digit multiplication worksheet 2

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 2

20 single digit multiplication problems

multiplication practice worksheet 2

Multiplication Practice Worksheet 2

20 multiplication problems to practice

simple division worksheet 2

Simple Division Worksheet 2

16 simple division problems

picture addition worksheets

Angles Worksheets

Help kids learn about angles with this collecti...

addition worksheet 1

Simple Multiplication Word Problems Worksheet

Use simple multiplication to solve the 5 word p...

Simple Fraction Subtraction Worksheet 2

Simple Fraction Subtraction Worksheet 2

This worksheet has 8 simple subtracting like fr...

complete the patterns

Complete the Patterns - Worksheet #2

Draw the two shapes that come next to complete ...

preschool patterns

Easy Preschool Patterns Worksheet #2

Complete each of the three patterns

difficult patterns worksheet

Difficult Pattern Recognition - Worksheet #2

Fill in the missing shapes in each of the patterns

Matching Fractions Worksheet 2

Matching Fractions Worksheet 2

What is the fractions of the color shaded part ...

Lines of Symmetry Worksheet 2

Lines of Symmetry Worksheet 2

Look at the shapes, count and write down how ma...