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learn left right worksheet vehicles

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Vehicles Theme

Help kids learn their left and right with this ...

  • 2,745
big and small worksheets

Learn Sizes - Big and Small Worksheets

Help kids learn the concept of sizes with this ...

  • 24,800
drawing opposites worksheets

Learning Opposites Worksheets - Draw the Opposite

This set of opposites worksheets is engaging fo...

  • 8,625
learn left right worksheet animals

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Animals Theme

Help kids learn their left and right with this ...

  • 2,999
height worksheets

Tall and Short Worksheets - Kids Learn Height

This set of printable worksheets is designed to...

  • 18,658
learn above and below worksheet

Learn Above and Below

This free worksheet will help kids practice the...

  • 1,600
learn left right worksheet coloring shapes

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Shapes Theme

Follow the directions and circle the shapes on ...

  • 4,517
learn left right worksheet shapes

Learn Left and Right Worksheet - Shapes Theme

This left and right worksheet gives a simple di...

  • 3,632
matching opposites worksheet 2

Matching Opposites Worksheet 2

Draw a line to match the opposites of the words...

  • 5,218
go togethers matching worksheet

Matching Go-Togethers Worksheet 2

Match the items that go together

  • 8,347
what doesn't go together worksheet

What Doesn't Go Together? Worksheet 2

Find the item that doesn't go together with the...

  • 3,649
learn long and short worksheet

Long and Short Worksheet - Black and White

This black and white length worksheet helps kid...

  • 1,873
alphabet before worksheet

Alphabet Before Worksheet

Before and after worksheet - answer the questio...

  • 4,789
alphabet after worksheet

Alphabet After Worksheet

Which letters come before and after others in t...

  • 8,438