Help teach kids to recognize both the uppercase and lowercase version of each letter of the alphabet. Try out our different sets of printable letter worksheets that go through every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. These uppercase and lowercase worksheets are a great addition to any preschool lesson plan and are perfect for teachers and parents looking to teach their kids the alphabet!

uppercase and lowercase identification worksheets

Uppercase and Lowercase Identification Worksheets

Teach kids their uppercase and lowercase letters with this set of printable alphabet worksheets. Look at the capital letter in each row and then look the lowercase letters in each row and circle the one that matches.

uppercase and lowercase letter matching worksheets

Uppercase and Lowercase Letter Matching Worksheets

Matching uppercase and lowercase letters in this set of fun and educational worksheets for preschool age kids. Draw a line from each uppercase letter on the left the matching lowercase letter on the right.

uppercase and lowercase recognition worksheets

Uppercase and Lowercase Recognition Worksheets

Check out this set of preschool alphabet worksheets geared towards helping kids recognize uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet. Look at the uppercase letter in each box and then circle the matching lowercase letter.