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easter counting fifteen

Easter Worksheet - Number Fifteen

Count the flowers and then circle or color the cor...

easter matching worksheet

Easter Matching Worksheet

Match the Easter words on one side of the page wit...

easter word scramble worksheet

Easter Word Scramble Worksheet

Unscramble the letters next to each picture to spe...

easter counting five

Easter Worksheet - Count to Five

Count the Easter baskets and then circle or color ...

easter counting nine

Easter Worksheet - Count to Nine

Count the Easter bunnies and then circle or color ...

easter pictures matching

Easter Picture Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match each of the Easter pictures o...

Easter Beginning Letters Worksheet

Easter Beginning Letters Worksheet

Color in the correct first letter and write it on ...

Easter Number Line Worksheet

Easter Number Line Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers on each of the number ...

Easter Rounding Worksheet

Easter Rounding Worksheet

Practice rounding with a fun Easter theme.

easter basket worksheet

Easter Basket Handwriting Worksheet

Trace the word basket and then write it on your ow...

Easter Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Easter Beginning Sounds Worksheet

Look at each Easter thing and circle the letter th...

counting by tens worksheet

Easter Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of baskets, bun...

easter letter b worksheet

Easter Bunny Letter B Worksheet

B is for bunny. Trace each of the upper case and ...

Easter Left and Right Worksheet

Easter Left and Right Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the correct Easter...