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Easter Maze

Easter Maze

Which path should the bunny take to get to the ...

Printable April Calendar

Printable April Calendar

Fill in the dates for April of this year.

easter counting fifteen

Easter Worksheet - Number Fifteen

Count the flowers and then circle or color the ...

easter counting nineteen

Easter Worksheet - Number Nineteen

Count the chicks and then circle or color the c...

easter worksheet different

Easter Worksheet - Different

Look at the Easter pictures in each row and cir...

easter counting nine

Easter Worksheet - Count to Nine

Count the Easter bunnies and then circle or col...

easter letter b worksheet

Easter Bunny Letter B Worksheet

B is for bunny. Trace each of the upper case a...

Easter Number Line Worksheet

Easter Number Line Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers on each of the numb...

easter worksheet same

Easter Worksheet - Same

Look at the Easter picture in each row and then...

easter worksheet alphabetize

Easter Alphabetical Order Worksheet

Read the Easter themed words and then re-write ...

Easter Missing Numbers Worksheet

Easter Missing Numbers Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers in each of the eggs.

easter counting three

Easter Worksheet - Count to Three

Count the Easter eggs and then circle or color ...

same size worksheet

Easter Same Size Worksheet

Identify the baskets, bunnies, candies and chic...

Easter Color the Patterns Worksheet

Easter Color the Patterns Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the Easter bask...