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easter letter b worksheet

Easter Bunny Letter B Worksheet

B is for bunny. Trace each of the upper case and ...

Easter Maze

Easter Maze

Which path should the bunny take to get to the egg...

Easter Color by Number

Easter Color by Number

Use the key to color the Easter basket and bunny.

easter tracing lines worksheet

Easter Tracing Lines Worksheet

Help the Easter bunny get to the Easter eggs and b...

easter counting eleven

Easter Worksheet - Number Eleven

Count the bunnies and then circle or color the cor...

Easter Word Scramble Worksheet

Easter Word Scramble Worksheet

Unscramble the words candy, basket, bunny, chick, ...

same size worksheet

Easter Same Size Worksheet

Identify the baskets, bunnies, candies and chicks ...

counting by tens worksheet

Easter Find and Count Worksheet

Find and count the Easter eggs, baskets, bunnies a...

easter worksheet handwriting

Easter Handwriting Worksheet

Trace the letters next to each of the pictures to ...

Easter Color the Patterns Worksheet

Easter Color the Patterns Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the Easter baskets...

easter counting nine

Easter Worksheet - Count to Nine

Count the Easter bunnies and then circle or color ...

about me cursive writing practice worksheet

Easter Sentence Building Worksheet

Cut and paste the words to make a sentence about t...

bar graph worksheet colors

Easter Graphing Worksheet

Count the eggs, baskets, chicks and bunnies and th...

Easter Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheet

Easter Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheet

Cut out the basket, candy, egg and bunny and paste...