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square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Trace the squares, draw some on your own, then ...

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Free Square Worksheet

Square Worksheet

Trace squares, then draw some on your own. The...

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square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Learn about the squares, then trace the word an...

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Learning Squares

Traceable Squares Worksheet

Trace the different size squares and then draw ...

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Area Worksheet 1

Area Worksheet 1

Great worksheet for kids to practice calculatin...

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Area Worksheet 2

Area Worksheet 2

Review the grids and calculate the area of squa...

pyramid worksheet

Pyramid Worksheet

What is a pyramid?

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Simple Area Worksheet

Simple Area Worksheet

Count up the highlighted squares in the grids t...

word recognition worksheet shapes

Shape Names Recognition Worksheet

Draw a line to match each shape with its name.

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more worksheet

More Comparison Worksheet

Draw more shapes in the space

fewer worksheet

Fewer Comparison Worksheet

Draw fewer worksheet

Beginner Area Worksheet

Beginner Area Worksheet

Use this worksheet as an introduction to calcul...

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cube worksheet

Cube Worksheet

What is a cube?

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below and above worksheet

Below and Above Worksheet

Look over the shapes in the box and then read a...

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