Kids will enjoy practicing recognizing most and least with this printable. This comparison worksheet asks kids to follow instructions to identify the box with the most or least shapes in it. This is worksheet one of two in color and black and white in this set. Comparison concepts are important early math concepts and this printable worksheet is a good tool to help teach your kids.

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comparison worksheets

Comparison Worksheets

This group of printable math worksheets is focussed on teaching kids the concepts of comparison. We have free worksheets that help kids learn the concepts of more and less as well as worksheets to practice most and least.

more less worksheet

More and Less Comparison - Worksheet One

More or less comparison worksheet

least greatest worksheet

Least to Greatest Sequencing Worksheet

Sequence the numbers in each of the boxes to put the numbers in order from least to greatest.

sequence least to greatest worksheets

Least to Greatest Sequencing

Help kids practice sequencing numbers from the least to the greatest. These worksheets go well with the rest of our greater than, less than worksheets.

least to greatest worksheet

Least to Greatest Worksheet

Kids are asked to look at each of the groups of numbers and write then in sequence from least to greatest.

tens ones place values worksheet

Tens and Ones Place Value Worksheet - One of Two

Learn place values by filling in the boxes with the correct number of tens and ones.

Writing Number One 1

Practice Writing the Number One

Practice writing the number 1 and the word one.

tens ones matching worksheet

Tens and Ones Matching Worksheet - One of Two

Draw a line to match the numbers to the correct groupings of tens and ones.

counting tens ones worksheet

Counting Tens and Ones Worksheet

Each question tells kids the number of groups of tens and ones and they write the number.

fewer worksheet

Fewer Comparison Worksheet

Draw fewer worksheet