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reading comprehension worksheet - going to the movies

Complete the Sentences - Going to the Movies Reading Comprehension Worksheet

Read the short story about going to the movies and...

musical above and below worksheet

Recognizing Musical Instruments that are Above and Below

Follow the simple instructions and write the name ...

separate compound words worksheet 1

Separate Compound Words Worksheet 1

Separate compound words and write the individual w...

Learning Number Ten

Traceable Number Ten Page

Trace the number 10, write the number 10 on your o...

phonics worksheet two

Consonant and Vowel Recognition Worksheet

Color in each of the shapes with a consonant one c...

categorize proper nouns

Categorize Nouns Worksheet

Look at each of the nouns in the work bank and the...

Writing Number Ten 10

Practice Writing the Number Ten

Practice writing the number 10 and the word ten.

cone worksheet

Cone Worksheet

What is a cone?

long e sound worksheet

Long Vowel E Sounds Worksheet

Circle all the picture of things that have the lon...

regular polygon worksheet

Regular Polygons Worksheet 1

Learn about regular polygons. Count the number of...