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consonant h worksheet

Beginning Consonants Letter H Worksheet

Circle all the words that begin the with consonant...

long vowel o worksheet

Long Vowel O Words Worksheet

Circle all the words that have a long vowel O soun...

single or plural worksheet

Single or Plural Worksheet

Should the word be singular or plural? Complete ea...

preschool patterns

Easy Preschool Patterns Worksheet #1

Complete each of the three patterns

difficult patterns worksheet

Difficult Pattern Recognition - Worksheet #1

Fill in the missing shapes in each of the patterns

sentences with -ow and -ou  words worksheet

Sentences with -ow and -ou Words Worksheet

Write sentences using -ow and -ou words from the w...

skip counting by sixes worksheet

Skip Counting by Six Worksheet

Help the rabbits get their carrots by counting by ...

division worksheet with remainders

Division with Remainders Worksheet 3

16 division problems that include remainders

draw the opposite - tall/short and full/empty

Draw the Opposite - Tall/Short and Full/Empty

Draw the opposite of an empty bucket and a tall tr...

Complete the Sentences with -ug Words worksheet

Complete the Sentences with -ug Words

Complete each of the sentences by filling in the b...

2nd grade adverbs worksheet

Circle the Adverbs Worksheet 1

Find and circle the adverbs in each of the sentenc...

money amounts worksheet three

Money Amounts Worksheet - Three of Four

Match the two groups of coins with the same value