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Thanksgiving Coloring Worksheet

Thanksgiving Coloring Worksheet

Follow the directions and color each of the pil...

Learn Blue

Learn the Color Blue

Draw something that is blue and then trace and ...

  • 2,961
Learn Yellow

Learn the Color Yellow

Draw something that is yellow and then trace an...

  • 1,335
Learn Pink

Learn the Color Pink

Draw something that is pink and then trace and ...

  • 1,503
Learn Brown

Learn the Color Brown

Draw something that is brown and then trace and...

  • 1,158
Learn Purple

Learn the Color Purple

Draw something that is purple and then trace an...

  • 1,272
complementary colors worksheet

Complementary Colors Worksheet

Learn about complementary colors with this simp...

  • 1,761
Learn Green

Learn the Color Green

Draw something that is green and then trace and...

  • 1,304
Learn BlackWhite

Learn the Color BlackWhite

Draw something that is black and white and then...

  • 1,233
Learn Orange

Learn the Color Orange

Draw something that is orange and then trace an...

  • 1,330
Recognize Green

Recognize the Color Green

Circle all the things that are green.

  • 5,576
Recognize Brown

Recognize the Color Brown

Circle all the things that are brown.

  • 4,763
Recognize Orange

Recognize the Color Orange

Circle all the things that are orange.

  • 4,309
Recognize Yellow

Recognize the Color Yellow

Circle all the things that are yellow.

  • 5,775
warm and cool colors worksheet

Warm and Cool Colors Worksheet

Identify colors and their "temperature" in this...

  • 2,013