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cutting curved lines

Cut out the Shapes Worksheet

Cut out the different shapes.

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cutting curved lines

Cutting Shapes Worksheet

Work on scissors skills by cutting out the diff...

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kids colors and shapes

Teaching Colors and Shapes to Kids

Follow the directions and color the shapes the ...

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Counting Number Nine 9

Practice Counting to Nine

Count the goats and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Four 4

Practice Counting to Four

Count the giraffes and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Two 2

Practice Counting to Two

Count the frogs and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Fourteen 14

Practice Counting to Fourteen

Count the dinosaurs and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Nineteen 19

Practice Counting to Nineteen

Count the robots and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Twenty 20

Practice Counting to Twenty

Count the keys and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Sixteen 16

Practice Counting to Sixteen

Count the ice cream cones and circle the correc...

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Counting Number Seventeen 17

Practice Counting to Seventeen

Count the juice boxes and circle the correct nu...

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Counting Number Eighteen 18

Practice Counting to Eighteen

Count the lions and circle the correct number.

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Counting Number Six 6

Practice Counting to Six

Count the paint brushes and circle the correct ...

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Counting Number One 1

Practice Counting to One

Count and circle the correct number.

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