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triangular prism worksheet

Triangular Prism Worksheet

What is a triangular prism?

triangular prism properties worksheet

Triangular Prism Properties Worksheet

Identify the properties of a triangular prism.

cuboid worksheet

Cuboid Worksheet

What is a cuboid?

sphere worksheet

Sphere Worksheet

What is a sphere?

trapezoid worksheet

Trapezoid Worksheet

Learn about the trapezoids, then trace the word...

Learning Squares

Traceable Squares Worksheet

Trace the different size squares and then draw ...

rhombus worksheet

Rhombus Worksheet

Learn about the rhombus, then trace the word an...

cylinder worksheet

Cylinder Worksheet

What is a cylinder?

triangle worksheet

Triangle Worksheet

Learn about the triangles, then trace the word ...

what shape am i worksheet

What Shape am I?

Decide if each shape is 2D or 3D and write its ...

3d shape recognition worksheet

3D Shape Recognition Worksheet

Identify and count each of the different 3D sha...

cube worksheet

Cube Worksheet

What is a cube?

square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Trace the squares, draw some on your own, then ...

oval worksheet

Oval Worksheet

Trace the ovals, draw some on your own, then co...

square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Learn about the squares, then trace the word an...