This winter puzzle makes a fun winter activity for kids. Use the key to match the winter images with the letters and then write the appropriate letter in each space of the secret winter message. When you have all the letters filled in you will find a secret winter message!

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Winter Worksheets

41+ Winter Worksheets

Count the snowmen, unscramble the winter words, solve the secret winter message and more...

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winter word scramble

Printable Winter Word Scramble Worksheet

Look at each of the winter pictures and unscramble the letters to spell the winter words.

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winter counting practice

Winter Counting Practice Worksheet

Look at each of the boxes and count the number of winter pictures. Then write the correct number in the space provided.

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Secret Message Magic Craft

Secret Message Magic Craft

Looking for an activity to make your magician-themed birthday party magical? Let children do the Secret Message Magic activity for instant smiles. This exciting activity allows children to use white crayons, white paper, and tempura paint to write secret messages to one another. Once complete, have children exchange messages!

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winter handwriting worksheet

Winter Handwriting Worksheet

Look at each of the winter pictures and trace the name of each.

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winter themed different worksheet

Printable Winter Worksheet - Different

Look at the winter pictures and circle the picture that is different from the others in each row.

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winter counting worksheet

Winter Counting Worksheet

Read the directions and circle the correct number of winter items in each box.

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winter matching worksheet

Printable Winter Picture Matching Worksheet

Draw a line from each winter picture on the left side of the page to the matching picture on the right.

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winter tracing lines worksheet

Winter Tracing Lines Worksheet

Help these children get dressed by tracing the lines to their winter clothes.

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winter themed same worksheet

Printable Winter Worksheet - Same

Look at the first winter picture in each row and circle the picture that is the same.

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