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rectangle worksheet

Rectangles Worksheet

Learn about rectangles and then trace the word ...

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trapezoid worksheet

Trapezoid Worksheet

Learn about the trapezoids, then trace the word...

square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Learn about the squares, then trace the word an...

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rectangle worksheet

Rectangle Worksheet

Trace the rectangles, draw some on your own, th...

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triangle worksheet

Triangle Worksheet

Trace the triangles, draw some on your own, the...

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triangle worksheet

Triangle Worksheet

Learn about the triangles, then trace the word ...

oval worksheet

Oval Worksheet

Trace the ovals, draw some on your own, then co...

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circle worksheet

Circle Worksheet

Trace the circles, draw some on your own, then ...

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diamond worksheet

Diamond Worksheet

Trace the diamonds, draw some on your own, then...

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square worksheet

Square Worksheet

Trace the squares, draw some on your own, then ...

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easter counting nineteen

Easter Worksheet - Number Nineteen

Count the chicks and then circle or color the c...

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