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Rounding Decimals Worksheet

Rounding Decimals Worksheet

Practice rounding to the nearest tenth.

simple multiplication worksheet

Easy Multiplication Worksheet 5

20 easy multiplication problems

simple division worksheet 2

Simple Division Worksheet 2

16 simple division problems

division practice worksheet 4

Division Practice Worksheet 4

12 division problems for kids to practice

addition worksheet 1

Multiplication Word Problems Worksheet

Use multiplication to solve the 5 word problems in...

two digit multiplication worksheet 4

2 Digit Multiplication Worksheet 4

20 two digit multiplication problems

picture addition worksheets

Parallel, Perpendicular and Intersecting Lines Worksheets

Help kids learn about lines including parallel lin...

contractions worksheets

Contractions Worksheets

This set of free phonics worksheets is geared towa...

Animal Groups Worksheets

Animal Groups Worksheets

Help kids learn about the different animal groups ...

vocabulary worksheets

Vocabulary Worksheets

Help kids improve their vocabulary with our collec...

subtraction worksheet two

Subtraction Practice Worksheet 2

20 mixed subtraction problems

division remainders worksheets

Simple Division Worksheets with Remainders

This section of division worksheets is dedicated t...

toys graphing worksheet

Bar Graph Worksheet with Toys Theme

Look at the bar graph of toys and write the correc...

colors graphing worksheet

Bar Graph Worksheet with Colors Theme

Look at the bar graph of colors and write the corr...