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addition equations worksheet animals

Addition Equations Worksheet - Animals

Farm animal themed picture addition equation works...

addition equations worksheet shapes

Addition Equations Worksheet - Shapes

Count the shapes and write the numbers to make add...

addition equations worksheet vehicles

Addition Equations Worksheet - Vehicles

Count the vehicles and write the basic addition eq...

addition equations worksheet

Addition Equations Worksheet - Fruit

Count the number of objects in each group and do a...

find the sum worksheet vehicles

Vehicles Theme Addition Problems

Vehicle themed picture addition problems worksheet

find the sum worksheet animals

Animals Theme Addition Problems

Look at the picture of a addition problem and writ...

find the sum worksheet shapes

Shapes Theme Addition Problems

Use the pictures to count and subtract and get the...

find the sum worksheet musical instruments

Musical Instruments Theme Addition Problems

Count and add the musical instruments to answer th...

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Animals

Farm animal theme picture addition worksheet

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Fruit

Simple picture addition worksheet with a fruit the...

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Shapes

Count the shapes and practice simple addition