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fish color by numbers worksheet

Fish Color by Numbers

Color the fish by numbers 1 - 5.

bar graph worksheet colors

Ocean Graphing Worksheet

Count the fish, crabs, starfish and jellyfish a...

Missing Numbers Worksheet

Missing Numbers Worksheet

Fill in the missing numbers for the fish that d...

counting by tens worksheet

Ocean Count and Color Worksheet

Count and color the correct number of jellyfish...

Ocean Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheet

Ocean Cut and Paste Patterns Worksheet

Cut out the starfish, crab, sea turtle and fish...

Ocean Color the Patterns Worksheet

Ocean Color the Patterns Worksheet

Follow the directions and color the fish, crabs...

Ocean Number Matching Worksheet

Ocean Number Matching Worksheet

Draw a line to match the fish, crabs, starfish ...

summer counting worksheet

Summer Counting Worksheet

Read the directions and circle the correct numb...

easter counting practice

Easter Counting Practice Worksheet

Count the number of Easter pictures in each box...

snowman sequencing worksheet

Sequencing Worksheet - Snowman

Write the correct number in each box of this 4 ...

before and after worksheet

Before and After Worksheet

Look at the pictures in each section and determ...

monsters dinosaurs and robots story sequence worksheet

Monsters, Dinosaurs and Robots Story Sequence Worksheet

Look at the pictures and then write the correct...