Help kids learn addition with these picture addition worksheets. We have a couple different sets that make it easy for kids to learn addition by adding the pictures of things like vehicles, balls, fruits, shapes, etc and writing the basic addition equations. These are the perfect compliment to any 1st grade addition lesson plan.

adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Animals

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adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Fruit

  • 17,372
adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Shapes

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adding worksheet

Adding Worksheet - Sports

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addition equations worksheet animals

Addition Equations Worksheet - Animals

  • 12,623
addition equations worksheet

Addition Equations Worksheet - Fruit

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addition equations worksheet shapes

Addition Equations Worksheet - Shapes

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addition equations worksheet vehicles

Addition Equations Worksheet - Vehicles

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find the sum worksheet animals

Animals Theme Addition Problems

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find the sum worksheet musical instruments

Musical Instruments Theme Addition Problems

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find the sum worksheet shapes

Shapes Theme Addition Problems

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find the sum worksheet vehicles

Vehicles Theme Addition Problems

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