Help kids practice their counting skills and make it fun during the fall season! This fall themed printable makes a great preschool worksheet for kids that are just learning to count. Kids are asked to count the number of fall themed pictures in each box and then write the correct number in the space provided.

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fruit counting worksheet

Fruit counting practice worksheet

Counting practice numbers 6 - 10

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counting practice worksheets

Themed Counting Practice Pages

Help kids practice counting with these fun themed worksheets. Kids are asked to circle a specific number of something related to the theme of the worksheet. Each free worksheet has four sections for counting practice.

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Skip Counting by Threes Worksheet

This worksheet will help kids practice counting by threes.

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Skip Counting by Fours Worksheet

Practice counting by fours with this skip counting worksheet.

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Counting Worksheets

We have several different types of counting worksheets to help kids practice their counting skills.

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skip counting by eights worksheet

Skip Counting by Eight Worksheet

Use this skip counting worksheet for teaching your students to count by eights.

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what number comes next worksheet

Skip Counting Worksheet - What Number Comes Next?

Practice skip counting by figuring out what number comes next in each row.

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