Our 1-Digit Mixed Addition and Subtraction Word Problem Generator is the go-to resource for teachers and parents. Create customized word problems that focus on 1-digit addition and subtraction, ensuring students grasp fundamental math concepts with confidence. It's perfect for honing young learners' arithmetic and problem-solving skills.

1 Digit Addition And Subtraction Word Problem Generator

Customize the settings of the generated word problems.
An example word problem on a worksheet.
Select whether or not problems should require regrouping.
Select the way that numbers are displayed in the word problem.
Select the number of word problems you would like created on each worksheet page.
Select the number of pages to create.
Select whether or not you want to have the solution appended to the output.
Customize the header of the word problem worksheet.
An Activity Page Header with space for a title, instructions, and a place for name, date, teach and score labels for students.
Optionally, add a title to be included at the top of the page of the activity page.
Optionally, add instructions to be included at the top of the page of the activity page.
Select the size of the page.