This set of spelling worksheets focuses on the short o sound. These spelling worksheets contain the words drop, spot, box, job, stop, lost, soft, fog, hot, and long. We have five different worksheets so you can do a different one each day of the week. Whether kids are practicing writing these words, creating sentences, or finding words with similar spelling patterns, they are sure to be challenged!

find short o words worksheet

Find Short o Words Worksheet

Search for words with the short o sound in books and then write them on the lines.

say, trace and write short o words worksheet

Say, Trace and Write short o Words

Say, trace and then write each of the short o words in this spelling worksheet.

sentences with short o words worksheet

Sentences with Short o Words

Write sentences using short o words from the word bank at the bottom.

short o word puzzle worksheet

Short o Word Puzzle Worksheet

Use the shapes of the boxes to help figure out which short o word goes in each.

short o word rainbows worksheet

Short o Word Rainbows Worksheet

Write each of the short o words multiple times in different colors in this spelling worksheet.