As the gray winter gives way to spring this colorful rainbow craft for kids is sure to brighten up your day (and your window)! This is a simple craft to do with kids of multiple ages, provided you pre-cut the pieces for the younger set. Older children can put the pieces in "rainbow color order" (ROY G BIV), while younger children can be proud of any color combinations they come up with. We did this craft with our two year old and six year old daughters, and while it is pretty apparent who did which craft they both had fun making them, talking about spring, rainbows and colors, and hanging them proudly up on the window. This is a great rainbow craft, spring craft or even St. Patrick's Day craft for the preschool and younger set.

What you'll need:

  • Construction paper - all rainbow colors
  • White poster board or lightweight cardboard
  • Cotton balls
  • White glue
How to make your Rainbow Cloud Craft:
  • Cut the white poster board or cardboard (we used an old gift box) into the shape of a cloud.
  • Cut strips of each color construction paper. Make sure that your strips fit on the cloud you create when they are all put together. We did a couple runs of this and had to trim the rainbow stripes a bit so they didn't start to go in a circle around the cloud.
  • Glue the strips onto the cloud.
  • Cover the cloud shape with glue and spread it around a bit with your finger.
  • Add cotton balls to cover the cloud.
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